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Download Copyright Free Background Music

Jourdan Aldredge

Mar 7, 2024

Whether it’s for YouTube or just, you know, for the vibes at home, it can be tricky to find the right background music for your various needs these days. Sure, YouTube offers its own background music itself, but it’s not of the quality that you want.

It can also be difficult to find background music that is copyright free, and not just commercial music that is only available for personal listening. If you’d like to use background music in videos to share on apps like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, etc… then you’ll have to find the exact right place to provide it.

Luckily for you, if you’re looking to download copyright free background music, that’s what we offer here at Soundstripe.

What Makes Good Background Music?

Fingers playing piano to create downloadable copyright free background music.

As with any art form, the art itself is only going to be as good as the artist. Even if that’s just for background music for your videos or streams, you’re going to want quality music made by great musicians. And that’s what Soundstripe offers and makes us unique.

We provide great music to real-life musicians who love music. And that’s not just generic marketing talk, Soundstripe champions artists by creating a supportive ecosystem that respects their creativity and rights.

Over the years our library has grown to over 9,000 tracks and features diversity and richness from a wide range of genres and moods, all composed by Grammy-winning talented artists. And yet, if you think background music isn’t a focus, it’s one of our best offerings.

Copyright Free Background Music Playlists

To help you get started, we have some awesome playlists to share with you that should be the perfect smattering of background music options that range across different styles and genres.

Ranging from the more upbeat to the more chill and relaxed, here are some hand-selected playlists that we’d recommend reviewing to see if any of the tracks might be right for you and your background music needs.

Meditation Playlist

To start our playlist list, we have one of our most relaxing options. Great for your mindful content creators looking to lull their viewers into a state of relaxation and openness, this playlist includes plenty of easy-listening music tracks that would fit nicely in the background to any of your meditative types of videos or streams. Listen and license here.

Gaming Lo-Fi Playlist

For those Twitch streamers or content creators working in the video game space, this playlist provides plenty of royalty free lo-fi gaming tunes that are 100% copyright-protected to use on streaming platforms like Twitch and the like. These background tracks should have a solid rhythm, yet lo-fi appeal, that makes for some distraction-free background music. Listen and license here.

Country Life Playlist

If you want to create content for a more rustic and adventurous audience, this country life playlist should do the trick. Background music in particular doesn’t have to be slow or boring either, and oftentimes its brightness and flavor can help color your videos to be more vibrant and fun — especially if you’re looking to appeal to a more down-to-earth audience type. Listen and license here.

Coffee Shop Playlist

A staple of any background music suite, the coffee shop playlist provides plenty of tracks that could work well in everything from your corporate videos to your indie film scenes. Plus, you know, you could stream these songs as background music for an actual coffee shop if you so choose. Listen and license here.

Beats Playlist

There are times when background music needs to have a bit more of a heartbeat and provide some thematic help to your videos and films. That’s why we offer this beats playlist as it supplies plenty of upbeat, yet still relaxed, songs to power a bit of a pulse in the background of your videos and content. Listen and license here.

Rainy Day Playlist

While this playlist’s name might be more of a vibe than a genre, we’re still happy to share this curated playlist that features plenty of soft and easy to listen to tunes that should help capture that wonderful feeling of a nice rainy day. Add these tracks to your rainy day film scenes or moody playlists for your listening habits. Listen and license here.

ElectroPop Playlist

Finally, if you’d like for your videos to have a bit of an edge and energy, this electro-pop playlist should do the trick as it provides plenty of slightly more aggressive sounds with an upbeat, poppy voice. These tracks can be the perfect underbelly to your videos that you want to challenge your viewers and engage with them as much as possible. Listen and license here.

Understanding What “Copyright Free” Actually Means

Woman playing guitar and recording copyright free background music for youtube.

Still, there are a few misconceptions that we should probably clear up. First and foremost, there is very little music in the world (much less on the internet) that is truly “copyright free”. In fact, that term is kind of counterintuitive because those words cancel each other out.

All music inherently has copyrights. These copyrights extend both to the composer and the performer, and if you’re planning to use any music (background or foreground) in any of your videos, online content, streams, or broadcasts, etc… you’re going to need to secure the licenses to use it.

The real question you should ask yourself is how will you be able to actually find quality music that has its copyrights secured for you. Which would then leave you free to use it however you’d like.

Where to Find Copyright Free Background Music

Recording studio with guitars, keyboard, microphone and headphones for downloading copyright free background music

The best places to find copyright-protected music for your videos are going to be royalty free music sites like Soundstripe. As mentioned above, Soundstripe is all about protecting both its awesome artists and its awesome content creators. 

If you’re truly looking for quality background music for your videos then you’d be in good hands with our 9,000+ royalty free music tracks that have all been curated by some of the best in the business. And, not only will you find good tunes for your videos, but you’ll also be provided with absolute copyright protection against copyright infringement claims or strikes.

Tips for Working with Background Music

Content creator editing copyright free background music into a video on a macbook laptop.

Now that you’ve reviewed some of our best copyright-free background music tracks (and hopefully already made some selections), we can give you some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind when working specifically with background music in your videos.

  • Find the right balance for your background music: when you first upload background music tracks into your videos you’re going to want to find that right balance between the levels of your background music and whatever speaking or other sounds are in your videos. The better you can lock this balance in early, the easier the rest of your editing process will be.
  • Know when to bring the music in and out: A lot of content creators still use their own opening and closing bumpers and songs, so if you do be sure to find the right time to bring your background music into your video. And, as a bonus tip, experiment with bringing it in at a higher level to introduce the melodies, then lower it to your ideal position for the rest of its time in the background.
  • Let the music create the vibe: Once you do have the perfect background music for your video, don’t be afraid to let it do a lot of the lifting when trying to create a vibe for your video as music is one of the most powerful tools for creating a style and feeling in videos.
  • Make use of stems and loops: Soundstripe offers different variations, stems, and loop options for all of our tracks which can make the process of introducing background music and extending it to the right lengths much easier than trying to cut up the tracks yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid to change tracks: While you might love the one background music song that you picked out, you don’t have to be locked into just one. Audiences appreciate it when you change things up, so don’t be afraid to use several different songs throughout your videos, especially if your content is on the longer side.

To find out more about how you can download copyright free background music, you can learn more about Soundstripe’s royalty free music options and plans, as well as browse the entirety of our collection in the Soundstripe app.