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Partner Program Success Story: Matt Johnson

Soundstripe Team

Jun 21, 2019

With our newly relaunched partnership program, we're putting more focus on empowering you, the creative. It’s our goal to help you earn revenue, deliver more value to your audience, and grow your channel.

Our partners receive a custom unique link that can be placed on any platform of your choosing (a website, blog, social media channels, etc.). It will track clicks from your audience via a unique URL. Any sign-ups that take place during that period will be credited to YOU.

While this may all sound great (maybe even too good to be true), does it actually work? The answer is an emphatic yes! Rather than build out all the reasons ourselves, we thought you’d like to hear from an actual Soundstripe partner.

Matt Johnson (who’s been a partner since 2017) is a content creator and highly successful YouTuber (over 11 million views and 200k subscribers). He’s a full time wedding videographer. A beard aficionado. A consumer of thick, peppered bacon.

If you were to ask Matt, though, he’d tell you he’s incredibly passionate about making quality videos and equipping other creatives to do the same.



Soundstripe: Can you start by describing your business, your audience, and the content you create for them?

Matt Johnson: I’ve been filming weddings since 2010 as FilmStrong Wedding Films. In 2015, I started creating educational YouTube videos aimed specifically at wedding filmmakers and people that are interested in filming weddings.

Since then, I’ve filmed hundreds of tutorials and reviews about cameras, drones, and shooting techniques for weddings and events.


SS: What is your role?

MJ: I prefer the term BEO (or Bearded Executive Officer). Up until 2015, I was running my entire business on my own, but between filming, editing, and handling all the day-to-day aspects of a business, things began to get overwhelming.

More so than that, I found that I really enjoy focusing on the creative aspects of filmmaking and editing, not necessarily sending emails or filing taxes.


SS: How did you come across the Soundstripe Partner Program?

MJ: Anytime I plan on creating a video about a product or service, I reach out to companies that I will be speaking about and ask if they have a partner or affiliate program.

When it came time for me to (finally!) make a video about my favorite music licensing websites, I excitedly reached out to Soundstripe.

SS: What value did the program bring for you and your audience?

MJ: The best business partnerships offer value to groups of people. First (and most obviously) the business makes money when a sale is made. Second (and almost as obviously), the partner that is promoting the business will also make money from a sale.

But third — and this one is the most important — the customer that is actually buying the product needs to have a benefit too. Soundstripe does this very well by offering a coupon code that I can give to anyone that wants to sign up.

All three groups of people benefit and I absolutely love that and wish more companies would work that way.


SS: What have the results of the partnership been?

MJ: Soundstripe has been a fantastic company to work with! I was in Nashville last month and happened to have a few hours of free time, so I asked them if I could stop by. Within 30 minutes I was getting hugged by what feels like half the staff, and I toured their impressive space.

On a more business-y and less personal note, I’ve also seen great benefits to my YouTube channel since I started promoting Soundstripe. I often hear from my followers that they are thankful that I was able to point them to a source of quality music that is legal and affordable.


SS: Would you recommend the program to others with similar audiences to yours? Why?

MJ: I would definitely recommend Soundstripe to anyone making content for filmmakers! There is such a close relationship between music and film, and it is basically a guarantee that your followers will need access to licensable music.

Partnering with Soundstripe is one of the easiest choices to make!

Unlimited royalty free music & SFX


We’re always looking for more partners. So, if you’re a travel vlogger, podcast host, YouTuber, wedding videographer, or digital marketer, we would love to have you join our growing community of filmmakers that can benefit from royalty free music.

Our mission to help our members “keep creating” applies to our partners with just as much emphasis. What are you waiting for? Join Today!

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